The Complete Vocal Musician

Feb. 3 & 10 | 11:00 - 1:00 [PST]

Online Workshop with Michele Weir
2 Saturdays: February 3 & 10, 11:00 - 1:00 PST
$130 total ($145 on the day of)
*Sponsored by California Jazz Conservatory

(Back by popular demand)
Do you consider yourself a vocalist, or a vocal musician? Do you feel fully confident on the bandstand, able to lead the gig and effectively communicate to your players using the authentic language and traditions of jazz?

This workshop will help you transition from vocalist to vocal musician. We’ll cover all the concepts that are sometimes elusive for jazz singers – things your ears understand, but the brain needs a little extra coaching on: all the commonly played groove names and countoffs, jazz specific concepts like trading-fours, 2 feel/4 feel, song forms, common-use terminology, and how to properly ‘talk-down’ your tune on the gig. You’ll also learn how to write a basic lead sheet in your key – something that may be more doable than you realize!

If you’ve attended this workshop in the past, know that much of the same material will be covered, though the workshop is always a little different with new knew content, methods of teaching and in-workshop activities. There are no prerequisites, though helpful if you play piano and are familiar with music theory basics (major scales, triads, and so on.) Questions are always welcome – bring them in and we’ll cover it all!

Come ready to listen / learn / sing! See FAQ below and free to reach out to Mich if you have any questions!


SESSION #1: February 3, 2024 / 11:00 - 1:00 pm (PST / Pacific Standard Time)
SESSION #2: February 10, 2023 / 11:00 - 1:00 pm (PST / Pacific Standard Time)

COST: $130 USD / Total for two Saturdays.
(Cancel at least 48 hours before the workshop for a full refund)

The California Jazz Conservatory

Your Instructor

Michele Weir
Michele Weir

Michele Weir is a distinguished educator who has made significant contributions to the advancement of vocal jazz education, globally. As an arranger / pianist / vocalist, she is well known for her versatile skill set and ability to inspire. As one student put it, “Thank you again for being such an amazing mentor. You are truly the person I strive to be.”

Michele’s arrangements have been performed by renowned vocal groups such as New York Voices and the Swingle Singers, in addition to orchestral works played by symphonies including the Boston Pops. Michele served as Vocal Producer for the Manhattan Transfer’s 2009 CD release, The Chick Corea Songbook,contributing two arrangements to the project as well. Her numerous educational arrangements are available through various publishers in addition to her online platform, the MichMusic Store.

Currently on faculty at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Michele is an active teacher and clinician. Her expertise has taken her to over 20 countries, presenting at premier music conferences such as the World Choral Symposium, the Jazz Education Network Conference, and the ACDA National Conference. A notable highlight was her invitation to be Keynote Speaker for the inaugural International Jazz Voice Conference in Helsinki, 2015.

Michele’s educational contributions include globally recognized book/CD sets: Vocal Improvisation (Schott Music), Jazz Singer's Handbook, and Jazz Piano Handbook (both from Alfred Publishing). Innovating further, she introduced the first iOS app designed for scat singers, ScatAbility, as well as her online educational resource, MusicHabit, designed for jazz singers, pianists, arrangers, and educators. (

Michele is a former member of the Grammy-nominated PM Singers vocal group under Phil Mattson’s direction, and she collaborated with jazz guitarist Bruce Forman on their duo CD, The Sound of Music. As a performer, Michele has headlined as a vocalist for numerous educational events and toured as pianist and background singer for Bobby Vinton, among others. Michele served as Music Supervisor for the DreamWorks film, Prince of Egypt, journeying through Europe and Asia to oversee the music production for the film's international dubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to prepare?
It's ideal if you have an understanding of music fundamentals - reading at least simple notes and rhythms at the piano, common musical terms and so on. We'll fill all the jazz specs!
How will I get the Zoom login link?
You'll get an email 1-2 days prior to start of the workshop. Will include Zoom login and possibility some musical materials or info.
Can we ask questions during class?
Yes, Michele welcomes questions! Depending on time, some may be deferred until the end of the workshop. Mich normally stays 30 (+) minutes) after each workshop for questions.
Do I need to be on camera during the sessions?
It's ideal to be able to see everyone to help develop a sense of community! But: if for any reason you prefer to keep your camera closed it's certainly ok - we want you to be comfortable.
Can I reach out to Michele with questions in the days / weeks after the Workshop?
In short: yes! If you need significant time, please consider booking a private lesson with Mich.
What is the time zone for the Workshop?
Pacific Standard Time (PST). To calculate the time between your location and the workshop location, just Google, "What time is it in Los Angeles?" (We welcome students from anywhere in the world!)
How can I contact Michele if needed?
For now, please contact Michele through this page: Or if you already have her email address you can write her directly.