The Complete Vocal Musician

Online Workshop | May 20, 2023

Online Workshop with Michele Weir
(NEW DATE!) May 20, 11:00 - 2:00 PDT | $95

Do you consider yourself a vocalist, vocal pedagogue or vocal musician? Do you feel fully confident on the bandstand or in the classroom, able to lead the gig, guide the class, rehearse the group, and effectively communicate using the authentic language and traditions of jazz?

This workshop will help you graduate from jazz vocalist or vocal pedagogue to fully confident vocal musician. We’ll cover all the concepts that can often seem elusive – things your ears understand, but the brain needs a little extra coaching on: the commonly played grooves and their respective countoffs, the essential jazz chord types and extensions, performance concepts like trading-fours, double time, double time feel, swing 2 feel and 4 feel, song forms, common-use terminology in general, how to properly ‘talk-down’ a tune, and generally, how to effectively lead your gig or rehearsal with confidence that you know your stuff. You’ll also learn how to write a basic lead sheet in your key – something that may be easier than you realize!

There are no prerequisites, though you'll get the most out of this workshop if you already play piano on at least on a basic level and are familiar with common music theory (keys, scales, triads, and so on.) The workshop is 3-hours long, and we'll take a short break in the middle. Questions are always welcome – bring them in and we’ll cover it all!

WORKSHOP DATE/ TIME: May 20, 2023 / 11:00 - 2:00 pm (Pacific Daylight Time)


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancel up to 48 hours before for a full refund

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Michele Weir
Michele Weir

Michele Weir is a veteran educator who has made significant contributions to the development of vocal jazz education around the globe. As an arranger/pianist/vocalist, she is known for her versatile skill set and ability to inspire. As one student put it, “Thank you again for being such an amazing mentor. You are truly the person I strive to be.”

Michele’s arrangements have been performed by notable vocal groups including New York Voices and the Swingle Singers, with orchestral works played by various symphonies including the Boston Pops. Michele served as Vocal Producer for the Manhattan Transfer’s 2009 CD release, The Chick Corea Songbook, also contributing two arrangements to the project. Her many arrangements for educational use are distributed widely through a number of different publishers including her own online company, the MichMusic Store.

Currently on faculty at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Michele is an active teacher and clinician, with past workshops in over 20 countries and presentations for some of the world’s most prestigious music conferences including the World Choral Symposium, the Jazz Education Network Conferences, and the ACDA National Conference. She was honored to have been selected as Keynote Speaker for the first-ever International Jazz Voice Conference in Helsinki, 2015.

Michele’s educational book/CD sets, Vocal Improvisation (Advance Music), Jazz Singer's Handbook (Alfred Publishing), and Jazz Piano Handbook (Alfred Publishing) are widely-used internationally, and in 2015 she created the first-ever iOS app for scat singers, ScatAbility.

Michele is a former vocal member of the Grammy-nominated PM Singers (under the direction of Phil Mattson,) and her duo CD as a vocalist with jazz guitarist Bruce Forman is titled, The Sound of Music. Past credits as a performer include numerous headliner guest artist concerts for educational festivals as well as on-the-road work as pianist for backup singer Bobby Vinton and others. Michele also had the unique opportunity to serve as Music Supervisor for the DreamWorks film, Prince of Egypt, journeying through Europe and Asia to oversee the music production for the film's foreign language dubs.