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Think of these classes as interesting modules to use in conjunction with other activities:

  • All classes can be accessed until the end of the school year. (Or later if needed.)
  • Unlimited students.
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Scroll down and take a look around - click any available class for a demo video to get a feel for the class. For questions or support on anything feel free to contact Mich.

Listening Lessons-C (Module 1)
MORE INFO (Coming 2024 - thanks for your patience!!! $125)
We are so excited about this one - truly! It's the beginning of a new a series designed to wake up the ears and inspire while learning about the structural elements of music at the same time! This first Module features the New York Voices track, "In My Life."

Listening Lessons

Scat Singing Workouts-C (Module 1)
MORE INFO (Coming 2024 - thanks for your patience!!! $110)
Another new series!! You do NOT need to know anything about scatting to use this class; it's all self -contained. Instruction/exercises/demo & backing tracks, all around the song, Bye Bye Blackbird.

Scat Singing Workouts!

Expressive Singing-C (Trio of Classes)
This class is a bundle of 3, short classes from awesome singer Rosana Eckert! She just contributed about 5 different activities for EVERY teaching concept (45 total) which can be explored with use in the classroom. Very useful - she teaches it then sings it!

Expressive Singing with Rosana Eckert

Online Skills for Vocal Jazz Ensemble-C (Module 1)
This product was designed to serve as an online alternative to live, vocal jazz ensemble rehearsals. However, it can also be useful as a skills-building activity for any ensemble, live or virtual. With vocal jazz arranger Kerry Marsh!

Online Skills for Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Smart Vocal Improvisation-C
With Aimee Nolte, this fun class approaches the topic of jazz improv from both a musical perspective, and a theoretical perspective. The class contains some basic jazz theory AND plenty examples of Aimee singing and loads of exercises!

Smart Vocal Improvisation-C

The PracticeRoom
MORE INFO (Always Free)
A totally free area, this is a place for you or your students to go and practice! Scatting exercises, syllable only exercises, solo singing info, theory, jazz piano, videos, PDF downloads and more. It's a "young" section still, but we're adding more all the time so check back!

The Practice Room

Online Teaching for the Unexpected Online Music Educator
In March 2020, what the virus started to get a foot hold: Michele quickly made this FREE class to help teachers get started with online teaching. *Note the class info has not been updated since early summer 2020. But if you are brand new to online teaching and looking for basic starter-info, this class may be helpful. (And free to check it out!)

Online Teaching for the Unexpected Online Music Educator

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Course Start and Finish?
You can start and end your class anytime. Take it at your own pace.

How Long Do I Have To Access the Course?
The class is available through the end of the school year mid June. If you need it a little longer, just ask!

What if the Course Isn't Right For Me?
No problem, we offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Can I Give You Feedback or a Suggestion?
Yes! We would really value your input, contact Michele

Where Can I Go for Help if I Need it?
You can ask a question within the class itself at the bottom of the curriculum pages and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Or, visit the MusicHabit Network Facebook Group for peer support.