4. Vibrato

After watching the video - see Activity Ideas below!

Vibrato / Activity Ideas 

  • Listen to a recording of a singer and analyze the vibrato use: how often is vibrato used? How pronounced is it? How soon is it applied to the note? Does the singer crescendo, decrescendo, or stay the same volume during the vibrato? 
  • Practice singing sustained sounds, alternating between vibrato and straight tone. 
  • Choose a place in your favorite song to apply a half and half concept (half straight tone, half vibrato). 
  • Try to manipulate the speed of your vibrato – can you grab on to it just enough to slow it down? Can you push just enough air through it to speed it up (without kicking it into straight tone)?
  • Imitate anywhere from 8-32 measures of a singer’s rendition of a song in which vibrato is used. Can you match the vibrato perfectly in speed, dynamic, and length of time? Record yourself and do a comparison with the original recording! 

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