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We are creative people offering music education that reaches beyond the most commonplace topics presented in a predictable way! We look for strategies in course content and presentation to help you stay engaged as you soak in exactly what you need to move toward your goals.

Effective teaching that's engaging and feeds the soul!

We Know How to Teach

MusicHabit teachers are career musicians who also have deep roots in music education. Some are multi-threat singer / instrumentalist / arrangers with significant performing and recording credentials. Teachers with this level of skills and life experience have lot to offer you! And a guiding principle for all courses in MusicHabit is this: to provide an inspirational learning experience that feels bigger than just the notes on the page.

We are committed to providing you with a meaningful musical experience!

Everything You Need is Here

MusicHabit courses are self-contained. All materials are at your fingertips within the MusicHabit ecosystem, including (depending on the topic) video lessons, audio tracks, downloadable info & exercises, homework, and access to a Resources page where you can continue study and practice after your course is complete. In some courses, one or more webinars are built into the curriculum, allowing for live contact with the instructor during presentations, master classes or Q & A sessions. We do our best to build in accountability measures to help you measure progress and stay on track!

All course materials are self-contained so you can put full focus on your musical goals!


MusicHabit Creator

When I was a kid and someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I usually said, a teacher. I fell in love with music as a teen - classical, folky singer-songwriter and rock/blues at first, then soon after that, Jazz.

Little did I know that after a ton of time spent studying and practicing, that I would end up with 30 years experience teaching music in about twenty-five countries, then much more through online teaching.

• Arrangements for the Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, Swingle Singers, M-Pact, O-kai Singers, Beachfront Property

• MichMusic Online Publishing

• ScatAbilty iPhone/iPad App

• Educational Books in Jazz Piano & Jazz Singing

• Faculty UCLA

• Member Grammy-Nominated Phil Mattson and the PM Singers

"You're such a great teacher!"

- Cathy Segal-Garcia, YouTube

"Michele you are a 'rock star'!! I continue to learn so much from your wealth of knowledge and experience! It's all about LISTENING! Thank you for this LUCID LISTENING form. I will incorporate this tool for every new chart with my vocal jazz ensemble."

- Pam Smith, YouTube

"Good ideas! I will use this with my jazz choir in Sweden!"

- Staff Music Arrangements (Staffan Paulson/Vocal Six,) YouTube

"This was an awesome lesson! Id like to thank you for not only this lesson but for the ones on My Music Masterclass as well! I'm so happy you have a Youtube Channel, Subscribed!"

- Tameka, YouTube

"This is GREAT! A way for my students to learn from a master! Nice Work, Michi!"

- Kathleen Hollingsworth, YouTube


What To Do Next

...and dive in to whatever interests you! In most cases you can view one or more free segments to get a feel for the course. View All Courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Course Start and Finish?
Your course will start and end on the dates you choose. Unless otherwise noted on the Course Homepage, you can take it at your own pace!

How Long Do I Have To Access the Course?
For as long as the MusicHabit school is up and running (hopefully forever), you have access to the course! It’s always available for you.

What if the Course Isn't Right For Me?
If you decide your class or course isn't right for you we offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Where Can I Go for Help if I Need it?
Ask a question in the MusicHabit Network Facebook Group for support or contact us directly.